An Email to Mrs. Gibby

As you all know, I use to teach before Eric and I got Tateym. I love being a stay at home mom, but many times I think back to when I was a teacher and wonder if I made any sort of a difference. Sometimes I wonder if my students even remember me. I’ve given my email address to several of my old students and some of them are really good at keeping in touch. Yesterday I got is email from a darling girl whom I use to teach and it brought a smile to my face. I thought I would share it with all of you, mostly to validate myself as a person. 🙂

Mrs. Gibby,

That’s great your family is doing so well.  I’m waiting for valentines day to come and can’t wait to make a fancy valentines box. I wanted to tell you in math we have to list all the multiples and stuff and I still remember the tunes that go to the multiples. I’m glad you have a cute little baby I knew that whoever had you for a mom was very very extremely lucky. I love you so much and think you are the best example and I just loved 3rd grade. If someone were to ask me what my favorite grade was I would say 3rd. You are the best Mrs. Gibby. Well see ya later!
Love,  Megan

The real cause of the financial crisis

This is a video that Carter, one of the guys in our video department at Imagine Learning, created.  It makes me laugh so I thought I’d share.  If you’re not familiar with the company you may want to read the explanation below first.

Twice a year our company has a Sales Conference, where they fly all the sales reps from around the country into Utah for a week.  When this first started we thought it would be fun to play a friendly game of basketball with the production team (Programming, Art, Video, Support, and Testing … basically those who work in the Utah office) versus the sales team.  Soon the smack talking began, and before we knew it it had turned into a major event.  It’s now tradition that whenever the sales reps come into town there’s a basketball game.  In the beginning the games were close, with the sales team winning most of them.  Over time, however, the gap has grown (we think it’s because the application for a sales position asks about basketball skills), and the last meeting was an absolute throttling.

So what does that have to do with this video?  Well, as the economy began to take a turn for the worse last year, it looked like it might not be fiscally responsible to fly all the sales reps into town for the Sales Conference, meaning they would forfeit the basketball game and the production team would finally revel in victory.  But who were the real masterminds behind this global financial crisis? …


5 Months Old and Loving it!

Our pretty little princess
Our pretty little princess

Our little one is growing up so fast, she is now 5 months old. It seems like we just brought Tateym home yesterday. Tateym is full of curiosity, giggles, and smiles at this age. Every day is a joy to spend with her. The funnest part of the day is when daddy comes home and she smiles and screams in delight. Eric is so entertaining and fun to play with.

All Smiles
All Smiles

Tateym has started eating solid foods. She’s actually only had rice cereal, but she’s become a pro at eating from a spoon. We are quite proud of what a good eater she has become. Lastly, Tateym is starting to get really attached to Mommy! 🙂 I dropped her off at her Aunt’s house yesterday for about and hour, because I needed to get my hair cut, and she started to cry as I was leaving. I know most parents probably dread this moment, but it made my day.

Mommy giving Tateym solid food for the first time ever:

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″][/flv]

Daddy giving it a try that night:

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″][/flv]

New Year, New Body … Anyone?

So with a new year come resolutions to eat better, exercise more, lose weight, etc., etc.  We’ve all made those resolutions in the past and we usually do well at sticking to them for a week or two.  Well Natalie and I have decided the holiday plumping is over and we’ve committed ourselves to a 12 week challenge.  We did this last spring and had what we felt were pretty impressive results, so we’re ready to do it again.  This time around though, we’re inviting anyone else that would like to participate to join in on the fun.  It’s going to be a “Biggest Loser” challenge where the ultimate prize is the satisfaction of being a thinner, healthier you, and the only real losers are those who don’t participate. 😉

The challenge will go from January 5th through March 30th.  You can use whatever diet or fitness program you like (if you don’t have one you like, check out Body for Life).  Try taking some “before” pictures so you can check out your progress throughout the challenge, and take some “after” pictures when it’s over.  If you want to track your progress against others, you can go to, sign up for an account (sorry, the registration is separate from our blog), and join the group “Gibbsters” with the password “loseit09”.  Just a quick note on that site:  I started on it several years ago and never really finished, but it works well enough for tracking our progress through the challenge.  If you want to use it for a challenge with your own family or co-workers you’re welcome to do so as well.  And don’t worry, no one will see your weight unless you want them to … the progress is all tracked by percentages.

So here’s to a healthy and happy new year!


So this Christmas was not at all the Christmas I was expecting.  The Tuesday before Christmas I woke up with a little bit of  a cramp in my stomach.  By the time I left work the cramp was accompanied by nausea and occasional hot and cold flashes.  I needed to stop at Costco to pick up a few last minute Christmas items, and as I made my way to the store the nausea increased, the pain in my stomach became nearly intolerable, and I started to break out in a sweat.  I tore my way into the Costco parking lot, parked in the first spot I saw, jumped out of the car and puked all over the parking lot.  After nearly passing out inside Costco I managed to make my way home.

The next day (Christmas Eve) was my family’s annual Christmas party.  I was still not feeling well so we ended up spending the day at home.  Natalie was determined to still have a good Christmas, so she went out and got all the fixings to make our own Christmas Eve dinner.  She prepared an impressive feast:  a ham with a homemade orange-honey glaze, yummy potatoes, green bean casserole, and even a Jell-O mold.  Thankfully by evening I was feeling better so we were able to enjoy the meal together, then have a fun night together watching our favorite Christmas classic:  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  We then eagerly went to bed wondering what Santa might bring.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun!  Tateym didn’t really seem to know what was going on, but she really liked all the excitement and presents.  Santa hooked her up with new toys, books, and clothes (although the wrapping paper is what really seemed to capture her attention).  She also got her fair share of spoiling from Mommy and Daddy.  We all took turns opening presents until we’d cleared out the tree.  Once that was done, we discovered one more surpise Santa had left for Natalie:  a mystery present hidden behind the chair.  When she opened it up she was excited and surprised to find a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time.  OK, OK, it was really a .357 Magnum Lady Smith revolver.  Now she can watch her shows about serial killers on A&E in peace. 😉

After opening our presents Natalie made some delicious sticky buns.  Once we’d eaten our fill, we got ready and headed over to Natalie’s parents’ house for more festivities, including Christmas dinner.  Unfortunately on the drive over I began to feel sick again.  I spent the rest of the day lying on the couch.  Natalie and Tateym though were able to have a fun time with her family eating Christmas dinner, opening presents, and visiting.  That night Natalie had to brave the stormy weather and drive us all home.

Two days later I was finally feeling well enough to leave the house again, so we headed over to my parents’ house.  Since we weren’t able to make it there on Christmas day, we had a faux Christmas dinner with my parents, my sister Melanie, and my sister Kimberly and her family.  After that we exchanged gifts and visited.

I spent a lot more of the break being sick than I expected, and poor Natalie had to work herself to death taking care of two babies.  It was still a lot of fun being able to spend so much time together as a family, and it was definitely a Christmas I’ll never forget!

Christmas Morning:

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″][/flv]

Unwrapping a Present:

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″][/flv]

Tateym’s Favorite Toy on Christmas Morning:

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″][/flv]