Families and the Temple

Earlier this year, Natalie and I were asked to speak in church. We were given the topic “Families and the Temple” due to our recent experience of having Tateym sealed to us. Because the topic was so near and dear to our hearts, and we had so much personal experience to draw from, it was probably one of the easiest talks I’ve ever prepared. In fact, it was one of the rare times in recent history where I didn’t come scrambling into the meeting late because I was still finishing my talk. We didn’t really let anyone know we were going to be speaking, so we thought we’d post our talks here for those who might be interested in seeing what we had to say. Continue reading “Families and the Temple”

… And they lived happily ever after!

On August 8, 2008, an angel gave our family the greatest gift we could ever imagine–our beautiful baby girl, Tateym. To take a trip back in time and remember that event you can check out this post. At that moment in time, life seemed perfect. Little did we know of the roller coaster that lie ahead. Continue reading “… And they lived happily ever after!”

Crawling … Sort Of

Tateym is getting really close to a full-fledged crawl.  She’ll get up on her hands and knees, but hasn’t quite figured out what to do from there.  She’s gotten very good at her own variation of a military crawl though, scooting herself along on her tummy.  It’s very cute, although she gets into everything now!  We wanted to capture her scooting on video so we figured what better way to lure her than to put something in front of her that she shouldn’t have, like a video camera …