OK, so we’re a little behind, but humor us and pretend that Halloween wasn’t over a week ago.

So Halloween was a lot of fun this year, probably because it was Tateym’s first Halloween and things are always more exciting when they’re happening for the first time.  The festivities started the week before Halloween, when Natalie and I made our annual trip to the haunted forest in American Fork with my sister Kimberly, her husband Sione, her friend from work, and her friend’s boyfriend.  Every year I’m impressed with what a good job they do with that forest.  You’d think it would get old, but they always manage to come up with something new and creepy (such as the virtual cliff you felt you were going to fall off of) along with the usual classic frights (people chasing you around with chainsaws and lawnmowers).  We then finished the evening off with hot chocolate at IHOP.  It was a lot of fun, and we can’t wait until Tateym is old enough to go!

On Halloween day, Natalie surprised me by showing up at my work with our cute little Tateym in full ladybug attire.  Every year at my work everyone brings their kids in to go trick-or-treating around the office.  We made the rounds and showed off our cute little bug, although for some reason she wasn’t too interested in getting any candy.

That night we dropped in for a surprise visit to Natalie’s parents.  Everyone was very excited to see Tateym and she got lots of hugs and kisses from Nana and Uncle Nephi.  Then we headed over to my brother and sister-in-law’s (Ken and Lisa’s) house for a birthday party for our nephew, Colin.  It was fun to visit with family, and everyone enjoyed getting to hold our little ladybug.

I know I shouldn’t go there, but …

They (whoever “they” are) say you should never talk about politics or religion because those are two things that can invoke some very heated discussions.  However, my brothers David and Ken have posted some political commentary on their blogs and it has inspired me to do the same.  I don’t claim to be an expert, or even know that much about politics for that matter, but I thought I’d share some random thoughts.  Just so you know where I’m coming from, I consider myself a (small L) libertarian and am a registered Republican.  If you like Obama, McCain, Bush, or the current political state of our country you may want to pass this one over. Continue reading “I know I shouldn’t go there, but …”

Tateym and Her Daddy

I always knew Eric would be a wonderful father, but it is so fun to watch Tateym and him together. She absolutely adores him and lights up whenever he holds her and plays with her. I know she’s only 10 weeks old, but it amazes me how much they interact with one another. One thing that we’ve just discovered is how Tateym likes to watch football games with her daddy. I of course have to dress her up in the proper atire before a big game and then Eric holds, rocks, and feeds her while he watches the game. The silly thing is, she always turns her head towards the TV and is glued the entire game. Eric can hardly get her to look at him. Anyway she is a true blue Cougar fan. Needless to say both Tateym and Eric were very upset when BYU lost their last game.

I am man, see me construct

“I’m a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That’s what kind of man I am.”

Yes, last weekend I decided to assert my manhood through that age-old tradition of home improvement.  After dusting off the ol’ tool belt and borrowing a truck-load of power tools from by brother, Ken, I was ready to begin the task of tearing through wood with a table saw and driving nails through it with the raw power of compressed air.  OK, maybe it was a little more elegant than that, but it sounds a lot tougher when you put it that way.

Natalie and I decided it was time to get started on Tateym’s room, and our first task was to put up beadboard.  This was my first time undertaking such a task, but it seemed simple enough:  put some glue on the plank, stick it on the wall, then nail it in place–I could have it all done in a day!  Or so I thought.  As it turns out, if you want it to look good (which was the general idea) there’s a little more to it.  I quickly discovered that to get a level line at the chair rail level I was going to need to trim each plank to the proper height, which in turn meant a lot of measuring and running up and down the stairs to the saw in the garage.

Well, a couple of Saturdays, a few weeknights, and a number of sore muscles later I’ve nearly finished my one day project.  It still needs those finishing touches, a little caulk and some paint, but all in all I think it’s coming out pretty nice.

Jonathan, Jason, and Eric Visit the Creamery

So this is a throw back to my college days, but I wanted to post it anyway because it makes me laugh. Allow me to start with a little background for those who may not have known me as a freshman at BYU:

My two best friends, Jonathan and Jason, and I spent a lot of time goofing around as freshmen (I know, freshmen goofing around, a real shocker). While academically speaking it may not have been the most productive year, it was still a lot of fun. There were many a night spent sitting up planning stupid pranks and other such nonsense. On one particular night, we were sitting around as we always did, and for no apparent reason we decided it would be funny to record a small play on our voicemail (similar to the old radio dramas). We started hashing out a script for a parody of one of our favorite cult classics, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As production began, we soon realized our small play had way too much to cram into one 2-minute voicemail. As a result, we broke it up into five separate acts, each of which was recorded as a separate messages, plus another for the credits.

And now ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu I present to you Jonathan, Jason, and Eric Visit the Creamery:

I should also mention, all music and sound effects were performed live by Jonathan on his trusty keyboard.