Sitting Up

After the last post, I thought I should post a video where Tateym isn’t doing a face-plant.  Here she is, sitting up, playing, and having a grand ol’ time.  What a cutie!

[flv width=”480″ height=”292″][/flv]

3 thoughts on “Sitting Up”

  1. Tateym couldn’t be more lovely! I love seeing all of these cute videos. I miss this stage. Now I have a toddler running around yelling “NO!” all day long. She is a pill, but yet each stage seems to be my favorite.

  2. She sure is a champion sitter. How fun! I can’t wait for Tateym and baby weird name Romrell to become boyfriend / girlfriend. I love the quilt she is on too, did you make that Nat? Gosh your a cute lil mom.

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