Tateym’s 4-Month Checkup

Tateym had her 4-month checkup today.  It went really well, right up until the shots … then she screamed until her face was a deep shade of crimson and Natalie had to blow in her face to make her breathe.  She was OK as soon as Mommy picked her up though.  The doctor says she’s right on track and healthy as can be.

Here are her stats for those who are interested:

  • Length:  25.5 in. (89.09 percentile)
  • Weight:  14 lbs 8.5 oz. (69.77 percentile)

And here are some pictures so you can see how cute she is 😉 :

Tateym at 4 months old
Tateym at 4 months old
Too cute
Too cute

And here’s a video that was too cute not to share:

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″]http://gibbsters.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/tateymonthebed.flv[/flv]

4 thoughts on “Tateym’s 4-Month Checkup”

  1. Awwww…I get so excited every time you post something new. Babies change so fast and you guys have done a great job updating us! She is a DOLL! I love the bow!!!

  2. It is seriously amazing to me how much babies grow and change in just a few short months. Look at little Tateym! What an adorable little doll! I just feel like squeezing her right now….

  3. I love her little fat rolls! She needs more of them! 🙂 (Maybe we could do a fat roll transplant, and I could give her some of mine…hmmm.)

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