Shower II

Tateym and Mommy
Tateym and Mommy

I know, I’m really spoiled. I had two showers thrown for me. This time my mother threw me a shower in Sandy last Saturday and I have to say it went really well and was a lot of fun. Several people came who I hadn’t seen in years, so that was exciting.

My day started off 6:00 a.m. when Tateym woke up to be fed. After she had a good breakfast I rocked and sang to her and then put her back to bed. I then quickly had breakfast myself and got dressed for the rest of they day. Eric was an early riser as well because he got invited by his brother to go to the BYU football game and he had VIP tickets. I told Eric he had to paint at least one coat in Tateym’s nursery before he could go. I mean, I’d let him go anyway, but we both want her nursery to be finished as soon as possible, so he didn’t have a problem with me asking him to do this. Around 9:30 Tateym woke up from her nap and I got her all dolled up for the shower. She looked adorable. In the picture she’s wearing a vintage dress and sweater that I wore when I was a baby.

Finally I was out the door by 10:30 and I barely made it to the shower on time. However, that wasn’t a problem because everyone else seemed to be running a little late. I had helped my mom the day before with the food, and can I just say it was exquisite. We had a southern chicken salad made along with freshly made rolls. My mom has a wonderful recipe from the Lion House cook book for the best rolls. I’ll have to make them sometime and post them here on our blog. Anyway, we also had chocolate covered strawberries and mini chocolate and carameled apples. The day before we had taken apples and scooped out bite size pieces with a melon baller. We than had stuck a tooth pick in each one, dipped it in chocolate and then drizzled caramel over them. My mom is quite talented when it comes to baking and frosting cakes, so she made a square coconut cake and a round chocolate cake.

I was able to open my presents right away and I was given many beautiful gifts. I can’t wait to see all the adorable outfits on Tateym that were given to her by my friends and family . I also got many practical gifts and I really appreciated those as well.

My mom ended the shower by having all the women write down on a card something special that each of them had done with their daughter or mother. We then went around the room and everyone shared what they had written. Next, I was able to collect the cards and hopefully someday I’ll be able to do some of those things with Tateym. It was very sweet.

Lastly, I just have to end by saying that is was so fun to see some of my girlfriends. One of my best friends, Aubrey Howell, came to my shower. She’s currently lives in Vegas but just happened to be in town this last week. She brought her baby named Luke. He was such a cutie pie! Also, my good friend Mindy Richardson came. I adore this girl, she is so fun to be around and it was really good to see her. We met while in Dance Company back in high school. Finally, I got to see Natalie and Shannon, my childhood friends. I hadn’t seen these girls for at least two years. Natalie now has a son of her own whom she brought and Shannon brought her little boy as well. Shannon has 4 boys and her oldest is 10. Can you believe it?

All in all it was the best baby shower ever! (Unless you’re Kimberly or Lisa and in which case it was the second best baby shower ever. ;))

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  1. Holy cuteness!!! I love Tateym’s outfit! For cute!! I wish I could’ve been there, it looks like it was amazing! And funny Nat, the argyle sweater you’re wearing–I have the same one, got it on sale too. Cute cute! How fun it must be to have a daughter!!

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