Guess who’s 3 months old

Three months old and cute as can be
Three months old and cute as can be

Can you believe it?!  Our little girl is growing up so fast!  Last Thursday Tateym turned 3 months old.  We don’t have any stats on height or weight, but we can tell you she’s really tall and definitely weighs more.  She’s a very happy baby and loves to smile, especially when she get’s her diaper changed or when Daddy’s trying to put her to sleep (she knows he can’t resist).  She’s recently turned into a little chatter box as well, and loves to talk to whoever will listen (even the TV).  This morning she was even trying to talk while drinking her bottle.  It’s incredible to see how much she has changed and developed in the last month.  She is such a little sweetheart and brings us so much joy.  We love her to death and couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect little angel.

3 thoughts on “Guess who’s 3 months old”

  1. I LOVE Tateym’s hair, so cute! And she has perfectly shaped eyes. Crazy that she is 3 months old, how did that happen?? Time flies! Love the picture in the sling, great mother picture!

  2. So cute…no, not to big for her sling…that’s precious. I must be a weird mom cause I never used a sling….EVER…and never had a bumbo chair! Although I did want one with Luke, but never did get one. Sad. She’s getting so big! That’s so fun!

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