Almost Rolling Over

So the other day I put Tateym on the ground for some tummy time. I got up to grab something off the bed, and when I turned back around she was laying on her back. I put her back on her stomach again, and sure enough, she rolled right back over onto her back. Now, I realize the big one is going from back to stomach, but for a 6 week old baby, we thought that was pretty impressive. Anyway, we tried to get her to do it one more time and capture it on video. She didn’t do it again, but we thought the video was cute so I’m posting it anyway. 🙂

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″][/flv]

4 thoughts on “Almost Rolling Over”

  1. Oh my gosh, how cute. She’s so strong holding her head up! She’s definitely advanced. Kids never perform on command–it’s quite frustrating.

  2. I can’t believe how strong she is! And rolling over?! Yes, you’ll find that it is hard to get your kids to do what you want them to once the video starts rolling. hehe Luke is 8 months and just barely started going tummy to back….but he’s done back to tummy for a while now! She’s going to be a talented baby!

  3. Holy cow! She has grown so much from just the short time it has been since I have seen her. What a cute baby!!!

    So glad that you guys have joined the blogging world, such a cute blog too! We all need an Eric in our houses to make our blogs cute!

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